The New Republic

“Your clarity came from your certainty that our cause was just and our purpose worthy. But there is little certainty of that kind to be had in a place like the Senate, in a city like Imperial City. Certainty is eaten away by the thousand and one compromises that are the currency of democracy. Causes fall victim to the building of consensus. Accountability becomes so diffused that it vanishes, and agreement becomes so rare that it startles.”
―Former Chief of State Mon Mothma―


Diplomacy: Fair +2
Espionage: Average +1
Industry: Great +4
Warfare: Good +3

The New Republic was the name of the galactic government established by the Alliance to Restore the Republic to replace the Galactic Empire after the Battle of Endor. Like its predecessor, it was often simply referred to as the Republic; less often, it was referred to as the New Galactic Republic or the Second Galactic Republic.

Formed in 4 ABY, after the dissolution of the former Alliance of Free Planets (which was formed directly after the Battle of Endor as an intermediate government), it was to become the supreme governmental authority of the galaxy. The “New” Republic was supposed to be a sort of continuation of the original Galactic Republic that had become known as the Old Republic at that time.

The New Republic was founded on the same principle that the old Galactic Republic was thousands of generations before—to have a representative parliamentary body, The New Republic Senate govern the galaxy in a fair and equal manner—and it was designed to eradicate the shortcomings that brought about the Galactic Republic’s downfall. The New Republic was protected by the New Jedi Order, which was established by Luke Skywalker, just as the Old Republic was once protected by the Old Jedi Order. Unlike the Old Republic, the New republic is also protected by The New Republic Fleet.

Because of the restoration of the Galactic Republic, the Empire sometimes referred to the New Republic as the Old Order, to oppose their New Order, while in decline.


“The Republic is not what it once was. The Senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates. There is no interest in the common good.”
―Senator Palpatine to Queen Amidala

CURRENT ISSUE: Forgotten Lessons of the Past

FACE: Senator Graal Sexton
ASPECT: Power Corrupts…

SWFotJFAE_Portraits_SenatorGraalSexton.png The New Republic Senate can best be understood at a reaction to the fall of The Old Republic and the rise and fall of The Empire.

It was created to represent all of the planets of The New Republic, without falling into the paralysis of the Old Republic, or concentrating power too much, as per under The Emperor.

The senate is composted of a mixture of planetary representatives, one per planet, and at large representatives, allocated by population block. Each citizen thus gets two votes. In practice, the at large representatives represent large planets, small sectors, or large organizations.

The senate is led by the Prime Minister, who is elected by majority vote of the senate, and may only serve for 7 years. The senate is divided into a number of standing committees. Each committee oversees a department of the government, and may pass legislation that affects that branch of the government. Each branch is run by a minister appointed by the prime minister, and who is approved by the standing committee that oversees their branch of the government, and who may be removed by that vote. Each committee may be overridden by a vote of the senate as a whole proposed by the prime minister(several dozen times a year), or by petition of the majority of senators (several dozen times a decade).

This means the actual government of the New Republic is mostly run by appointed ministers, but ones who need to keep an ear to the political winds to keep their positions.

The New Republic has political parties beyond counting, and generally, the prime minister is elected by making deals with many of the largest ones.

The current Prime Minister is the leader of The Reconstruction Party – Formed by Mon Motha after the war against the empire, the reconstruction party is focused on industrial and economic development. The promote trade, and careful expansion.

Other major parties include:

The Glorious Republicans

Expansionist and seeking to regain the full glory and size of the old republic.

The Independence Party

Seeking to minimize the size and power of the senate, and strongly anti-slavery.

The Science and Technology Coalition

Focused on Education and research, and indifferent to foreign policy.

Sapients United

Focused on promoting the interests of poor and underdeveloped worlds. Despite their name, not very united.

The Progress Party

Focused on the financial strength of the empire. Generally seeking closer ties with the Corporate Sector Authority, and harsher measures against Hutt Space.


CURRENT ISSUE: The Fleet is Underfunded and Undermanned

FACE: Admiral Rotramel
ASPECT: Stretched to the Limit

SWFotJFAE_Portraits_AdmiralRotramelGial.png Formed 70 years ago, in the aftermath of the victory of The Rebellion against the Empire, The New Republic Fleet is still very much a reflection of that history.

The Rebellion was a coalition of idealistic freedom fighters, rebelling planets, and no questions asked scoundrels who were being leaned on too hard. The Fleet they formed was thus loosely organized, and encouraged initiative and unconventional tactics.

Today, only a handful of long lived personal, and a fraction of the high leadership ever served with the original rebel officers. While they and their proteges are a major part of the fleet, there are also many influential people in the navy and in the government who oversees the fleet, who are pushing for a more by the book fleet.

One of the major strengths of the Fleet is that it maintains a very large reserve of retired officers. Fleet officers often retire to system defense fleets, or to merchant shipping, but are often called back to duty in times of major conflict. Mothballed ships and recalled crews tend not to be equal to active warships, but they give the new republic the numbers to use their warships for active engagement.

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