Raxus Prime


“You don’t realize how important a datapad is until you’re stranded on Raxus Prime with nothing but your boots and a blaster.”
―Han Solo

Astrographical information:

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Tion Hegemony
System: Raxus system
Sun: Raxus
Orbital position: 1
Moons: 0
Rotation period: 22 standard hours
Orbital period: 388 local days

Physical information:

Class: Terrestrial
Climate: temperate and poisonous
Gravity: 1.2 standard

Primary terrain:

  • Industrial metal junkscape
  • Toxic waste pools
  • Sealed living habitats
  • Quarry pits

Points of interest:

  • Raxus sewer system
  • Sienar refinery
  • Confederacy base
  • Junk Temple
Key Aspect: The Junk Yard of the Galaxy


Raxus Prime was a highly industrial planet covered with immense factories, sealed living habitats, streams of superheated run-off water, rough-hewn quarry pits, vast debris fields, and toxic lakes. Most of the planet’s residents lived in sealed environments near industrial facilities where they worked. Tunnels connected living areas with work bays, storage hangars and infrastructure units.

The surface was covered with junk droids that were cobbled together from the parts of the millions of discarded and broken droids left there. They followed no master and did not behave by any rules, which made the planet very dangerous. A common rumor was that the droids were working on something large so that they could escape Raxus Prime and spread out into the galaxy at large.


Raxus Prime

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