Victory Without War Program

Current Issue: Victory Without War

Head of The Program: Ambassador Moff Matthias Tarkin

Victory Without War was a campaign first launched by Emperor Jagged Fel to peacefully spread Imperial influence, providing aid to people and planets ruined by the Galactic Civil War and the smaller conflicts that followed. Both Jagged Fel’s son and grandson continued the program during their reigns, despite opposition from militarist and conservative Moffs.

Using Imperial Missionaries, Ambassadors and a Legion of the Imperial Clone Labor Force, the Victory Without War Campaign has struggled to bring the message of the New Empire to the Galaxy without violence or the trappings of the old Empire. Refugees are moved to worlds, impoverished Outer Rim Worlds are built up into thriving communities, and people in need of medical care are given a taste of the New Empire’s Strength Through Purity Initiative.


Victory Without War Program

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