The Dark Side of the Force

“Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It’s about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual.”
―Darth Zannah―



PERMISSIONS: You must be a Force-user

If you are a Force user, you can tap into the Dark Side of the Force. You gain a Dark Side track of 3 Stress.

Whenever you would make a roll using the Force, you may choose to invoke any aspect without spending a fate point and take 1 Dark Side stress. You also can take Dark Side stress by acting out of anger or hatred or similar transgressions. As a general rule, a minor transgression should inflict 1 shift of Dark Side stress, while a major transgression (such as taking a life in a fit of anger or hatred) should inflict 2 shifts. You can use your normal consequence slots to absorb dark side stress with an appropriate aspect.

If you would be taken out by Dark Side stress, you must change one of your aspects to something similar to its original intent, but tainted by the Dark Side of the Force. Mark this aspect so that you know it is influenced by the Dark Side. You cannot change the same aspect twice because of Dark Side stress. Typically, it’s best to start with your Trouble and change each of your other aspects one by one, with your High Concept being the last to change.

Dark Side aspects can only be cleansed (that is, changed back to a non-tainted aspect) after atonement. This is mostly a judgment call on the part of you and the GM, but a good guideline is if you have refused compels on that aspect for a scenario and have taken actions to show that you are trying to move away from the temptation of the Dark Side you may cleanse the aspect. Otherwise, a Dark Side aspect can only be replaced with another aspect reflecting your Dark Side taint. Dark Side stress only clears when it would take you out. You can turn away from the Dark Side at any milestone by changing one of your Dark Side aspects if you have performed heroic acts or taken other action to atone for your use of the Dark Side. You must have taken actions to atone before changing these aspects, and can only change them with GM permission. Having your Dark Side aspects compelled should put you in situations that cause you to take additional Dark Side stress. Otherwise there is no difference from a normal compel.


When all of your character aspects have changed by the Dark Side, you have fallen. Take the Fallen to the Dark Side extra and reduce your refresh by 1 to reflect this.


Focus x2, Exceptional (any roll), Situational (Requires Dark Emotion), Demanding (+4 Forceful Overcome roll)

You have become fully consumed by the power of the Dark Side of the Force. When angered or afraid make a Forceful Overcome Roll of +4 to gain a +2 bonus to any action where you use the Force with fear, passion, hatred, or anger. You can no longer take Dark Side stress, but can also no longer call on the Dark Side to invoke aspects.

If you are redeemed, get rid of this extra and change all your aspects to reflect your redemption. Leave all but your High Concept marked by the Dark Side. Regain the 1 refresh spent on this extra. Your Dark Side stress track clears and you can once again take Dark Side stress.

The Dark Side of the Force

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