“What I saw… I don’t think we were the first ones on this planet.”
―Marshall Cavarat

Astrographical information:

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Ninth Quadrant, Bozhnee sector
System: Belsavis system
Suns: 2
Orbital position: 7
Moons: 3
Rotation period: 25 standard hours
Orbital period: 412 local days

Physical information:

Class: Terrestrial
Climate: arctic and tropical
Gravity: 1.22 standard

Primary terrain:

  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Tropical rift valleys
  • Glaciers

Points of interest:

  • Plawal Rift
  • Plett’s House
  • Corridor
  • Eternity Vault
  • Belsavis prison
  • The Tomb
  • Caves of the Primeval Wardens

Belsavis, also known as Plawal, is a planet in the Ninth Quadrant, a region of the Bozhnee sector. Ice-covered, its average temperature is in the -50s. It is located on the edge of the Senex sector, at one end of the Belsavis Run. It entered an ice age around 30,000 BBY. Its inhabitants dwelt in three volcanic jungle rifts.

Plett’s Well, was settled 88 BBY by Jedi Master Plett, and came to be called simply Plawal. The main Republic colonization of the planet occurred 20 BBY, with many plants and animals being imported from Ithor. Settlements on Belsavis are located in volcanic valleys, although they were sealed in domes to protect them from the frigid climate. The icy world’s main export is vine-coffee and vine-silk.



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