Tag: Seeker


  • Galen Argyus


    Galen Argyus was born on Eriadu an Outer Rim planet known for its corruption. His mother, a respected biologist, was sickened by the slavery and greed on Eriadu and she managed to convince her husband to go with her to the lush

  • Master Tosh Diath

    Known for being unconventional and even somewhat rebellious Master Diath is nonetheless well respected for his wisdom and for his prowess with the force. He is the leader of the Seeker movement and actively opposes

  • Master Droast

    A rare Force-sensitive Trandoshan, Master Droast was raised at the Yavin IV Jedi Temple from infancy, trained at the academy there until he achieved the rank of Jedi Knight, and later, Jedi Master. He is well known as an excellent sword instructor and

  • Kara Thane

    High Concept: Master Diaths Altruistic Young Padawan
    Trouble: Naive & Inexperienced

    Kara Saleem was born a pauper on Pantora in the Outer Rim. She suffered in poverty after her parents were taken by creditors and placed in a

  • Master Jaxor Kelrune

    Master Jaxor Kelrune was a Jedi who spent most of his time on the Outer Rim and very little is known about him. He died under mysterious circumstances in the Unknown Regions. His Padawan, Leoni Venusia, was able to make her way back to the temple on