Tag: PC


  • Galen Argyus


    Galen Argyus was born on Eriadu an Outer Rim planet known for its corruption. His mother, a respected biologist, was sickened by the slavery and greed on Eriadu and she managed to convince her husband to go with her to the lush

  • Mazer Val'Zian

    High Concept: Reformed TwiLek Jedi
    Trouble: Soul of a Scoundrel

    Unlike a lot of twileks (at least in stereotype), Maze wasnt ever a slave. He grew up as part of a lage twilek

  • Cortree Tincove

    High Concept: Fringer Tech Savant
    Trouble: I Live By My Own Damn Rules

    Livin on the Fringe aint easy, especially when your family spent everything and lost it all before

  • Jaden Windu

    High Concept: Jedi Archeologist
    Trouble: Transparently Idealistic

    Discovered at the age of 12 on a minor agricultural planet, Jaden was surprised to learn he was related to a famous