Tag: Human


  • Galen Argyus


    Galen Argyus was born on Eriadu an Outer Rim planet known for its corruption. His mother, a respected biologist, was sickened by the slavery and greed on Eriadu and she managed to convince her husband to go with her to the lush

  • Cortree Tincove

    High Concept: Fringer Tech Savant
    Trouble: I Live By My Own Damn Rules

    Livin on the Fringe aint easy, especially when your family spent everything and lost it all before

  • Jaden Windu

    High Concept: Jedi Archeologist
    Trouble: Transparently Idealistic

    Discovered at the age of 12 on a minor agricultural planet, Jaden was surprised to learn he was related to a famous

  • Matthais Tarkin

    Matthias Tarkin was born to great wealth that carried a legacy of blood, ambition and reputation.
    One of the youngest people to ever earn the Rank of Moff, Matthias surprised everyone when he took the position as head of the Victory Without War

  • Colonel Valarus

    Among the various Research Units throughout the New Empire, Special Projects Unit 1138 is one of the most secretive. With a nigh-unlimited supply of funds, materials & personnel and working in the most remote areas of the Outer Rim, Unit 1138

  • Takar Markata

    Takar Markata has been Clan leader since his older brother Kel Markatta was disgraced and exiled for refusing the direct orders of the man who at the time was his commanding officer and

  • Kel Markatta

    As a young man, Kel Markatta, sickened by the needless bloodshed, refused to follow orders of his murderous cousin and participate in the massacre at Mirtok VII. Instead he rescued a child from the fires and has been raising

  • Gul Shyssa

    Gul Shyssa may not have the technical genius of his rival Vice-Prez Cheska, but he more than makes up for it in popularity and business acumen.

    Shyssas popularity stems not just from the products of his company but also from the popularity

  • Master Garek Malon

    Unrelenting and loyal to Grand Master Veshraan, Garek Malon is well known as his right hand man. He is a master of Vapaad and is rumored to be able to track anyone to anywhere through the Force.

  • Captain Gellor

    Captain Gellors father was a renowned Imperial archaeologist. While he is involved with his fathers legacy the Captain has never been much of a scholar himself. He is a far better soldier than an academic. Colonel Valarus sees him as a

  • Rast Katarn

    Rast Katarn is a long serving Republic Army soldier who is well known for leading his troopers from the front. His troops are loyal to him but that does not mean he will not sacrifice them to accomplish his missions. He has long fought against the

  • Melkar Jendri

    Malkar Jendri was raised by his brutal father to be the ultimate warrior. He has fought and trained his whole life to become Mandalor and he will use his new power to conquer the galaxy as is his right. He is a cruel man who delights in preying

  • Ecalia Rowan

    Little is known of this shadowy Dark Side warrior. She takes great pleasure in inflicting pain in others and has shown herself to be an accomplished infiltrator with nearly superhuman speed and reflexes.

  • Leena Argyus

    Long thought dead by her brother, Leena Argyus appears to have been held in Hutt Space for the last 20 years. Nothing is known about her activities in that time except for the fact that there is a substantial bounty on her head for killing a Hutt.

  • Moag Wren


    Moag of Clan Wren of House Vizla made his reputation over 30 years serving the Empire, the Hutts and even the Republic honorably hunting bounties with the spirit of a true Mandalorian. His cunning and skill tempered by his

  • Selan Mela

    Selan Mela is an archaeology professor at the prestigious University of Coruscant. She is well known for her insightful intellect and her utter ruthlessness in the academic world.

  • General Jeris Balian

    Jedi Commander Caleb Balian was the padawan learner of Master Gelom Xalek, the scholarly Jedi Master in charge of studying the secrets of the Jedi Homeworld Tython and restoring the planets Jedi Temple. When the Empire occupied Tython, Caleb was

  • Master Ramia Arsuf

    Of the Jedi to have been born and raised on Tython, Master Ramia Arsuf has emerged as the voice of moderation between the competing Jedi Factions. Unlike most of her brethren, Master Arsuf seeks not to change the Jedi Order, but return back to how it