Jaden Windu

“You must realize there aren’t enough Jedi to protect the Republic. We’re keepers of the peace, not soldiers.”
-Mace Windu

HIGH CONCEPT: Jedi Archaeologist
TROUBLE: Idealistic and Inexperienced


  • You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes
  • The Legacy of Mace Windu. the man, the legend
  • Applying the knowledge of the Past
  • Great (+4): Careful, Clever
  • Good (+3):
  • Fair (+2): Quick
  • Average (+1): Sneaky, Forceful
  • Mediocre +0: Flashy


Focus x2, Situational (When dealing with Archaeology)

Jaden gets a +2 to any Careful Overcome rolls when dealing with archaeology and ancient history.

LIGHTSABER (-1 Refresh)

Aspect (Cuts Through Almost Anything), Harm 1, Exceptional x2 (defender can’t use Armor or Stress), Consuming (Costs a Fate point), Limited (once per Scene), Troubling (Symbol of the Jedi)

Lightsabers do Weapon: 1 damage and have the Aspect: Cuts Through Almost Anything, and once per scene, for a Fate point, the attacker can ignore all armor and Stress of a target to either force a Consequence or, if no Consequences are available, take a target out. They are also recognized galaxy wide as a symbol of the Jedi and Sith.


Focus, Exceptional, Situational (only for Investigating a scene), Demanding (1 action)

The Force can often bring insight to those that are open to it. When searching or investigating a scene the character can make an intuitive leap and gain a +1 bonus to Overcome an obstacles like finding clues at a crime scene or searching a cluttered room for an item or learning a particular fact from a series of files. For every two shifts over the needed difficulty reduce the time it takes to find clues by one step on the time ladder.

MOVE HEAVY OBJECT (-1 Refresh) (Careful Variant)

Exceptional, Focus x2, Consuming, Demanding

A Jedi may use Careful, Flashy or Forceful (choose one when stunt is taken) at +2 to move heavier objects requiring a Fate point per turn of movement. The character makes an Overcome roll with opposition equal to the Size of an object (see Vehicles) while moving a sentient requires a Overcome action versus their resistance. They may move the object a number of areas equal to the a points of effort generated over that difficulty per exchange.

ANALYTICAL EYE (-1 Refresh))

Focus x2, Situational
Jaden gets +2 Clever to Create An Advantage Actions via observing weaknesses.
Refresh: 4


  • PHYSICAL: 000
High Concept: Jedi Archeologist
Trouble: Transparently Idealistic

Discovered at the age of 12 on a minor agricultural planet, Jaden was surprised to learn he was related to a famous Jedi Master, and had the potential himself. Jaden tended to choose scholarly pursuits when he had the option, realizing from his childhood the great opportunity he had. It took the efforts of his Master, a noted wanderer to make him appreciate the greater galaxy around him.

Phase One:

Jaden and the Lost Crucible with Gisaku Saberota & Cortree Tincove

Aspect: The Force Leads Me to Questions

Recognizing an old Jedi Starship being offered by salvagers, Jaden must race the greedy Corporate Sector Agents to recover the ship before lost Jedi information is lost. With the help of Cortree, he manages to get the ship away at the last moment, only to find that the Jedi Warrior, General Saberota survived on board, wounded and in cryosleep.

Phase Two: Guest Star

The Battle of Socorro with Galen Argyus & Mazer Val’Zian

Aspect: The Legacy of Mace Windu

When Galen went off mission as part of a military assault in order to save slaves, Jaden saw, for the first time in his life a Shatterpoint in the defenses, and managed to save some of the assaulting force from destruction.

Phase Three: Guest Star Redux

The Grand Heist with Mazer Val’Zian &

Aspect: Applying the knowledge of the Past.

Only Jaden could find the right historical records for Mazer to create counterfeits good enough to distract away the other galactic powers from a cache of important lost jedi artifacts, including his great uncles unique lightsaber.

Jaden Windu

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