Master Garek Malon

“Every being has a choice. Free to obey or disobey the Law. Your choice determines the consequences. Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of their choices. Or escape me.”
―Garek Malon―

High Concept: Grand Master Veshraan’s Loyal Jedi Enforcer
Trouble: Rules are Absolute

Additional Aspects:

  • A Warrior Born
  • Aggressive Master of Vapaad
  • An Expert Tracker
  • Great (+4): Forceful
  • Good (+3): Clever
  • Fair (+2): Flashy, Quick
  • Average (+1): Careful, Sneaky


LIGHTSABER (-1 Refresh)

Aspect (Cuts Through Almost Anything), Harm 1, Exceptional x2 (defender can’t use Armor or Stress), Consuming (Costs a Fate point), Limited (once per Scene), Troubling (Symbol of the Jedi)

Lightsabers do Weapon: 1 damage and have the Aspect: Cuts Through Almost Anything, and once per scene, for a Fate point, the attacker can ignore all armor and Stress of a target to either force a Consequence or, if no Consequences are available, take a target out. They are also recognized galaxy wide as a symbol of the Jedi and Sith.


Focus x2, Situational (Requires Lightsaber), Situational (Consequence)

Gain a +2 bonus on Forceful attacks while invoking a consequence you placed on an opponent.

REDIRECTION (-1 Refresh)

Exceptional, Situational (Lightsaber vs. Blasterfire), Situational (Succeed with Style)

When Succeeding With Style on a Defense roll using Quick while wielding a Lightsaber against blaster attacks, deal shifts of harm equal to your margin of success.

FORCE THROW (-1 Refresh)

Exceptional, Focus+2, Demanding (1 Action), Effort x1

To throw something one zone requires an Overcome Action with Forceful +2 to generate a number of shifts equal to 1 plus the weight factor of the target (a normal person (human, chiss, duros etc.) has a weight factor of 2, a jawa has a weight factor of 1, a wookie is 3). Each additional zone costs as much as the previous zone did plus one, so the cost increases dramatically over distance. If a target is suspended by another power such as Move Object then reduce their weight factor to 0. If a target hits an object before traveling the full distance they and the object they hit take damage equal to the remaining shifts left from the Force Throw action. Force users may counter this with their own defense action. Any shifts generated by the attacker are applied normally.


Focus x2, Exceptional, Situational (Only for tracking), Consuming

Force Track is a Force power that allows a Force-user to peer into the Force for guidance, picking up the lost path of their quarry. The Force User using Clever with a +2 bonus. For a Fate point the tracker can follow their target even if there is no visible sign or means of doing so.


Exceptional, Focus x2, Consuming, Demanding

A Jedi may use Forceful at +2 to move heavier objects requiring a Fate point per turn of movement. The character makes an Overcome Forceful roll with opposition equal to the Size of an object (see Vehicles) while moving a sentient requires a Overcome action versus their resistance. They may move the object a number of areas equal to the a points of effort generated over that difficulty per exchange.





  • Mild -2:
  • Moderate -4:
  • Serious -6:

Unrelenting and loyal to Grand Master Veshraan, Garek Malon is well known as his right hand man. He is a master of Vapaad and is rumored to be able to track anyone to anywhere through the Force.

Master Garek Malon

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