Galen Argyus

“Freedom is the greatest gift in the galaxy. You will never be free while enslaving another. If I must I will make that very clear to you.”
―Galen Argyus―

High Concept: (In)Famous Jedi Liberator
Trouble: A Death Mark Is Not An Easy Thing To Live With

Additional Aspects:

  • In Tune with the Living Force
  • Unmatched Reflexes of an Impulsive Ataru Master
  • My Padawan is Reckless
  • Great +4: Quick
  • Good +3:
  • Fair + 2: Careful, Flashy, Sneaky
  • Average +1: Clever, Forceful


Aspect (Cuts Through Almost Anything), Harm 1, Exceptional x2 (defender can’t use Armor or Stress), Consuming (Costs a Fate point), Limited (once per Scene), Troubling (Symbol of the Jedi/Sith), Numerous x1 (Dual Blades)

Lightsabers do Weapon: 1 damage and have the Aspect: Cuts Through Almost Anything, and once per scene, for a Fate point, the attacker can ignore all armor and Stress of a target to either force a Consequence or, if no Consequences are available, take a target out. They are also recognized galaxy wide as a symbol of the Jedi and Sith.

FORM IV: ATARU: QUICK (-1 Refresh)

Focus x2, Situational (Requires Lightsaber)

Gain a +2 bonus on Create Advantage using Quick while using a lightsaber.

JAR’KAI: QUICK (-1 Refresh)

Focus x1, Focus x1, Situational (Requires Dual Lightsabers)

When attacking or defending with dual blades using Quick add +1 to attack roll and +1 to any Defense roll made.

FORCE SURGE (-1 Refresh)

Focus+2, Situational (Movement Overcome Actions)

Gain +2 to the Quick Approach for the purposes of movement Overcome actions. It is described as Force leaps, Force speed, or other acrobatic maneuvers.

REDIRECTION (-1 Refresh)

Exceptional, Situational (Lightsaber vs. Blasterfire), Situational (Succeed with Style)

When Succeeding With Style on a Defense roll using Quick while wielding a Lightsaber against blaster attacks, deal 2 shifts of harm to whomever attacked you instead of taking a boost.



Professional x2, Resilient, Sturdy x2, Talent x1 (Lightsaber: Harm 1), Demanding: Effort, Troubling (is constantly getting into danger)


  • Fair (+2): Sneaky
  • Average (+1): Quick



  • Mild Consequence -2:

Leoni can access the basic Force Power Facts because of her Function Aspect of being a Jedi. She can also has a Lightsaber that does Harm 1 Stress. Because she is untrained Leoni requires direction from her master before she can act. Galen must make a Careful Overcome roll of Fair +2 to direct her. She is inexperienced and reckless and will sometimes look before she leaps and Galen suspects she has been traumatized by the death of her former master.

Refresh: 3

Refresh Spent: -6

  • PHYSICAL: 000
  • Mild -2:
  • Moderate -4:
  • Serious -6:

Galen Argyus was born on Eriadu an Outer Rim planet known for its corruption. His mother, a respected biologist, was sickened by the slavery and greed on Eriadu and she managed to convince her husband to go with her to the lush garden planet, Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Wookies, where she would study the planet’s flora and fauna. They never made it.

The transport ship they were on was attacked by Trandoshan Slavers. All of the adults on the ship were executed and the children, including Galen’s older sister, Leena, were taken away to be sold as slaves. Galen, only 6 years old at the time, managed to hide in an air vent and escaped his sister’s fate.

Unfortunately, the transport ship he was on drifted into Kashyyk’s gravity well and crashed in the Shadowlands region. Galen was stranded for months in one of the deadliest habitats in the known galaxy. A place that even the mighty wookies feared to tread. Galen faced death every day as he struggled to survive in the dangerous environment. Over several months he became attuned to the Living Force gaining an uncanny understanding of his surroundings enabling him to survive despite the impossible odds. He found a strength deep within him and called out with the Force.

His plea for help was answered by a Jedi Knight. Tosh Diath sensed him and saved Galen from the Shadowlands with the help of the wookies who mounted a search and rescue operation. Master Diath realized he was strong with the Force brought him to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. Under Master Diath’s tutelage Galen became a Jedi who was dedicated to eradicating slavery on the Outer Rim and in Hutt Space.

Phase One: The Battle of Socorro

Guest Star: Mazer Val’Zian and Jaden Windu

High Concept: (In)Famous Jedi Liberator
Trouble: A Death Mark Is Not An Easy Thing To Live With

Because of his successes at freeing numerous slaves Galen has become something of a folk hero to the peoples of the Outer Rim. In particular he single-handedly rescued thousands of slaves during the Battle of Socorro. The Republic Forces were embroiled in a battle with Hutt Forces and their Trandoshan allies. Galen, along with Jaden Windu, was supposed to disable the Hutt Ion Cannons on the surface of the planet. But he encountered a young Twi’lek named Mazer Val’Zian who was there to save his sister from Hutts. The young Twi’lek had a connection to the Force and was in danger of slipping to the Dark Side if he didn’t undergo proper training. Galen agreed to help Maze if he promised to learn the ways of the Force from a proper Jedi. The two of them also learned that the thousands of slaves on Doabba station were in great danger.

Abandoning his mission Galen and Maze sneaked aboard the massive space station when they discovered that the slavers, realizing that they were going to lose the battle, planned on jettisoning all the incriminating “cargo” on the station into the sun. Countless thousands would die. Galen felt that he had no choice and infiltrated the station and led a slave rebellion against the cruel Trandoshan cartel that controlled it. Unfortunately he was not able to disable the Hutt Ion Cannons as well and many Republic ships were destroyed in the conflict. Jaden was forced to take care of the canons on his own and is held as fine successor to his famous ancestor, Mace Windu, because of it.

In response to his actions Galen has earned a hefty price on his head placed there by the Hutts and several Clans of Trandoshan Slavers. And while he is well regarded by the citizens on the Outer Rim (especially the Wookies and Twi’leks), many in the The Core Worlds, the The New Republic Fleet and even the New Jedi Order see him as a fanatic and a trouble maker.

Phase Two: Storm of Echoes

Starring: Gisaku Saberota with Mazer Val’Zian

Aspect: In Tune with the Living Force

Cassandra’s Hope was a tragic planet that had been nearly destroyed by Gisaku Saberota during the Clone Wars. When a colony ship carrying thousands crash landed on the surface of the storm ridden planet a desperate rescue mission was hatched led by the revived Jedi General. He was aided by Galen Argyus who would serve as a guide and survival expert to help them weather the storms along with Mazer Val’Zian as additional backup. The three of them managed to deactivate the World Builder machines that were causing the unending storms to ravage the planet. Unfortunately for them it also meant the hordes of droids from the Clone Wars battle were reactivated. The three Jedi were hard pressed to defeat the numerous battle droids. Maze managed to infiltrate the droid’s main base while General Saberota and Galen held the line long enough for him to deactivate the droids from their central command center saving the colonists.

Phase Three: Terror of Raxus Prime

Starring: Cortree Tincove with Galen Argyus and Gisaku Saberota

Aspect: Unmatched Reflexes of an Impulsive Ataru Master

When Cortree Tincove activated an ancient droid on Raxus Prime he had no idea what he had awoken. At first the droid seemed innocuous enough and Cortree delighted in talking to a piece of living history. But then it stole his prize speeder and went on a murderous rampage apparently attempting to gain passage off planet so it could accomplish its mission. The assassination of the recently revived General Gisaku Saberota. Galen Aryus joined with Cortree and General Saberota to stop the droid and together they confronted it only to have it escape on a commandeered freighter. Galen informed Cortree that he had a special connection to the Force and asked him to join them so he could be taught to use his abilities responsibly.

Episode: 01 The Trandoshan Slavers

Starring: Cortree Tincove, Gisaku Saberota, Mazer Val’Zian and Jaden Windu

Aspect: My Reckless Padawan is Spying on Me

Galen’s anti-slavery work with the Kashyyyk Liberation Front leads to him being captured by Trandoshan Slavers working for the Hutts. General Saberota along with Mazer Val’Zian, Cortree Tincovee and Jaden Windu go against Council orders to stay out of Hutt Space and rescue the severely injured Galen and many wookiee prisoners. Because of Galen’s injuries he is left behind to heal while his friends on board the Crucible investigate a lead he had discovered on the ancient droid that tried to murder General Saberota. He ends up facing an angered Jedi Council who decide that perhaps if he was responsible for a Padawan he might be less likely to go against their edicts in the future. Galen firmly believes that his impetuous new Padawan, Leoni Venusia, is spying on him. He knows little about Leoni aside from the fact that her former master died under mysterious circumstances. She is clearly haunted by his death but so far has refused to talk about it.

Galen Argyus

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