Ecalia Rowan

“Do you feel it? Do you feel the power of the dark side? The only real power! The only thing worth living for!”
―Ecalia Rowan―

High Concept: Shadowy Dark Side Disciple
Trouble: Thrills to the Pain of Others

Additional Aspects:

  • Prepared For Any Contingency
  • Loyal Houndmaster
  • Inhuman Reflexes and Speed
  • Good (+3): Quick
  • Fair (+2): Flashy, Sneaky
  • Average (+1): Forceful, Clever
  • Mediocre +0: Careful

LIGHTSABER (-1 Refresh)

Aspect (Cuts Through Almost Anything), Harm 1, Exceptional x2 (defender can’t use Armor or Stress), Consuming (Costs a Fate point), Limited (once per Scene), Troubling (Symbol of the Jedi)

Lightsabers do Weapon: 1 damage and have the Aspect: Cuts Through Almost Anything, and once per scene, for a Fate point, the attacker can ignore all armor and Stress of a target to either force a Consequence or, if no Consequences are available, take a target out. They are also recognized galaxy wide as a symbol of the Jedi and Sith.

FORCE CHOKE (-1 Refresh)

Exceptional, Harmful, Situational (requires successful Create Advantage action), Limited x2 (once per scene)

DARK SIDE. Once per scene, use Forceful to Create an Advantage with Forceful or Flashy (choose one when stunt is taken) of “Helplessly Choking” or something similar resisted by the target normally. If the Create an Advantage is successful then starting on the next exchange the Force user may inflict a point of physical stress per exchange ignoring the opponentʼs armor rating when doing so. The choke can be maintained at the cost of all other actions although it will end if the choker takes Stress or Consequences or is distracted. The target may attempt no other actions until they break the Force Choke by successfully resisting the Create Advantage action.

FORCE CLOAK (-1 Refresh)

Focusx2, Situational (Only to resist detection)

The character remains unseen by cloaking themselves in the Force. Gain a +2 bonus when using Sneaky in an Overcome action to resist being seen or when actively attempting to go unnoticed by someone trying to sense you in the Force.

MIND TRICK (-1 Refresh)

Focus x2, Situational (Only for influencing a character)

Gain a +2 to Clever, Flashy, Forceful or Sneaky Forceful (choose one when stunt is taken) to influence a target’s mind and thoughts.

FORM IV: ATARU: QUICK (-1 Refresh)

Focus x2, Situational (Requires Lightsaber)

Gain a +2 bonus on attacks using Quick while using a lightsaber.


  • PHYSICAL: 000
  • MILD -2:
  • MODERATE -4: Slashed Belly
  • SERIOUS -6: Collapsed Lung

Little is known of this shadowy Dark Side warrior. She takes great pleasure in inflicting pain in others and has shown herself to be an accomplished infiltrator with nearly superhuman speed and reflexes.

Ecalia Rowan

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