Ancient Wardroid

“We claim all nations, all planets, all stars – they are ours. The Infinite Empire will be restored.”
―War Droid―


  • Murderous War Droid
  • Tainted by the Dark Side
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Completely Dedicated to Restoring the Infinite Empire
  • Superb (+5): Sneaky
  • Great (+4): Forceful, Quick
  • Good (+3): Careful
  • Fair (+2): Clever, Flashy

WAR DROID (-4 Refresh)

Aspect (Ultimate Weapon), Protective x2, Harm x1, Situational (Hand to Hand or Grappling only), Focus: Servomotors x2, Situational (When Lifting or Carrying), Focus x2: Sensors, Situational (Careful Create Advantage), Focus x2: Cloaking Tech, Situational (Sneaky Overcome rolls)

The War Droid has the Aspect: Ultimate Weapon with plasma blades that come from behind each wrist that do Weapon:1 damage. It also has Armor: 2 against physical damage.

The servomoters of the Ward Droid give it enhanced strength allowing it to do Weapon:1 damage in unarmed combat or when grappling a target. It also provides him a bonus of +2 when moving or lifting great weights.

Focus: Sensors. Gain a +2 bonus to Rolls used to Create Advantages related to tracking or targeting enemies on the battlefield.

Focus: Servomotors. +2 to Physique Rolls when lifting or carrying great weights.

Focus: Cloaking Tech. +2 to Sneaky Overcome rolls for remaining undetected.



Physical: OOO




Cortree Tincove found this old war droid on Gisaku Saberota’s derelict ship, the Crucible. No one really knew what it was doing onboard the ship or even what kind of droid it was. It was the only droid from the ship’s compliment that was viable to be reactivated though. Unfortunately, when Cortree did just that, the droid gained his trust so it could get close to Saberota with the intent of assassinating the newly revived General. The attempt was thwarted by Cortree, the General and Galen Argyus. There was a cost however. The droid is now free and Cortree, who feels responsible for every one of the droid’s victims, has sworn to stop it.

Cortree has since identified the type of droid as a C-21 Highsinger. Only one other droid of this was known to exist and it was an exceptionally gifted bounty hunter during the Clone Wars era. It was an unusually independent droid that had no master and operated on its own recognizance.

Ancient Wardroid

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