Amira Forge

“I’m a Rogue. Impossible is our stock in trade, and success is what we deliver.”
―Amira Forge

High Concept: Hotshot Corellian Jedi Ace
Trouble: Reckless Adrenaline Junkie

Additional Aspects:

  • New to the Ways of the Force and Lightsabers
  • Rebellious Rogue Squadron Pilot
  • The Soul of Compassion
  • Good (+3): Flashy
  • Fair (+2): Quick, Forceful
  • Average (+1): Clever, Sneaky
  • Mediocre +0: Careful


Harm x1, Focus x1, Troubling (Requires Upkeep)

Heavy Blaster Pistols require greater upkeep as they have more limited ammunition and need regular maintenance or they malfunction. They provide a +1 bonus to attacks and do Weapon 1 Stress on successful attacks.

FORCE PILOT (-1 Refresh)

Focus x2, Situational (Only when Piloting a vehicle)

With their enhanced situational awareness and reflexes heightened by the Force, Jedi Pilots are some of the best in the galaxy. Gain a +2 to maneuvering rolls when piloting a vehicle.

DAREDEVIL (-1 Refresh)

Exceptional x2, Consuming, Situational (Only when Piloting a vehicle in a tight spot)

You can squeeze a vehicle through places where it has no business fitting. Normally, you’d have to spend a fate point to declare that the vehicle has enough clearance space to fit through. You never need to spend a fate point—if it could fit, it does. What’s more, if you do spend a fate point, you can fit the vehicle into places it absolutely should not be able to go. This stunt also helps when landing vehicles in improbably tight quarters.



  • PHYSICAL: 000

RZ-7 A-wing Jedi Interceptor

“Any pilot who volunteers to fly an A-wing better be brave or crazy. Probably helps to be a little of both.”
―General Han Solo

Cost: 0 Refresh
Aspect: Small & Lightning Fast Interceptor


Weapons +1
Maneuver +2
Shield +1
Systems +0
Size +2
Stress: 000


  • NIMBLE: +2 to the crew’s Pilot rolls when dogfighting, maneuvering in tight quarters, or other circumstances where turning quickly and precisely would be advantageous.
High Concept: Hotshot Corellian Force Pilot
Trouble: Overconfident

Born and raised on Corellia, Amira always dreamed of being a star pilot. It must have been in her blood as her grandmother had served in Rogue Squadron during the Galactic Civil war. Amira dedicated herself and she exhibited a nearly supernatural ability as an instinctual pilot. After working hard for years she joined the Alliance Navy and became one of their top aces. Her cocky overconfidence has served her well as a fighter pilot although it has gotten her in over her head a few times.

Phase One: When Duty Calls
ASPECT: New to the Ways of the Force

The proudest day of Amira’s life was when she was accepted into Rogue Squadron. She proved herself several times over fighting pirates on the Outer Rim and during a few skirmishes with the Hutts. It was during one of those missions that she came to the attention of Master Droast. The gruff Trandoshan sensed her connection to the Force immediately and talked her into joining the Jedi Order on Yavin IV and training to become a Jedi.

Phase Two: Guest Star

The Battle of Socorro with Galen Argyus & Jaden Windu

ASPECT: Rebellious Rogue Squadron Ace

During the Battle of Socorro Amira flew alongside her old Rogue Squadron comrades against the Hutts and their Trandoshan allies. When Galen Argyus abandoned his original mission of disabling the ion canons protecting Doaba Station so he could save the thousands of slaves from certain death her and her allies bore the brunt of the Hutt counterattack. She supported Galen and was invaluable in providing air cover for the escaping slaves. However, several members of Rogue Squadron resent her because their casualties were heavy in the face of the fully operational defenses.

Amira Forge

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