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Fate Accelerated: Star Wars: The Infinite Empire

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This campaign was originally started with Fate Core before we, as a group, decided to migrate it over to Fate Accelerated. The Fate of the Jedi logo will take you to the original Fate Core website for our campaign.


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A small band of young Jedi Knights has gone against council edict and attempts to rescue a fellow Jedi, Galen Argyus, and some wookiee slaves from neferious Trandoshan Slavers. Galen informs the companions of a newly discovered crash site that holds ancient artifacts that are suffused with the Dark Side of the Force.


Infuriated that the crew of the Crucible disobeyed direct orders to save their companion from Trandoshan Slavers, the Jedi Council sends a representative to bring them in for questioning. The confrontation with New Republic soldiers and Grandmaster Veshraan’s most trusted lieutenant erupts into violence on the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk.


Going undercover the Jedi crew of the Crucible travel to The Wheel, a space station with a seedy reputation, where they mingle with a cross section of unsavory collectors who are all bidding for the location of the crashed ship. Mazer Val’Zian is reunited with an old friend who threatens to expose the Jedi for what they are unless they help her.


Mingling with the other bidders the Jedi make friends and enemies alike all in an effort to ensure that their bid is the one that secures the crash site of the ancient ship. Unfortunately their fellow bidders are willing to resort to any tactics to ensure their own victory in the auction.


When a Hutt secures his bid for the ancient crash site through treachery there are unexpected developments. Allies turn enemy and the Jedi learn that Imperial Entanglements can be very deadly indeed as they are forced to flee The Wheel while it is under attack from an Imperial Star Destroyer. Would the Empire be willing to risk a war over the location of a crashed ship?


Sabotage and a hidden tracking device force the Jedi to make a final stop for repairs on Outpost 17 which orbits the planet of the crash site. When they get there they discover that they are being stalked by an old enemy that attacks from the shadows.

End of Fate of the Jedi



From this point on the characters and rules have been converted to Fate Accelerated and Jadepunk.


The group of young Jedi visits the storm tossed surface of Durace looking to solve the mystery of Cassandra’s Hope and General Saberota’s past. But what they discover leaves them with more questions than answers and it turns out the Infinite Empire may not be as dead as they hoped.


After the revelations of Durace the Crucible returns to the Jedi Council with news of the new threat presented by the Infinite Empire. General Saberota submits to study by the Council in light of some troubling questions about the nature of his cybernetics. Meanwhile, controversial Jedi, Galen Argyus, joins the crew and they are confronted by bounty hunters that want to collect the price on his head.


After Jaden Windu and Cortree Tincove’s discoveries the Crucible makes its way to Dagobah to investigate a former Jedi Grandmaster’s personal effects for clues. They hope to find information that would lead to Tython, the lost birth place of the Jedi Order. Still reeling from the discovery that his long lost sister is actually alive Galen Argyus and his new padawan encounter the Dark Side in a mysterious cave.


Pursued by a clan of Trandoshan hunters who seek revenge for the raid on their homeworld and for the past deeds of Galen Argyus the Crucible must fight a desperate battle on and above the surface of a swamp world on the Outer Rim. Meanwhile, Jaden Windu and Cortree Tincove discover the Jedi Holocron of Grandmaster Yoda himself providing an important clue to the location of Tython.


At long last Galen Argyus has finally found his long lost sister. But their reunion is violently cut short by the infamous Mandalorian Huntmaster, Moag Wren. The skill and power of the allies is put to the test by the murderous bounty hunter and his powerful Basilisk war droid.


After so many innocents were killed during Moag Wren’s assault on Eriadu the Jedi must face the questions of the Republic authorities and the media alike. From there they set off to find the mythic birthplace of the Jedi Order. During their journey they must board a long abandoned Clone Wars Munificent Class star frigate in search of more clues without waking up the dormant droid crew.


After finally making it to the surface of the fabled birthplace of the Jedi Order the crew of the Crucible discovers that several factions have been warring over possession of the planet for a century. Uncovering the secret history of the planet the Jedi learn of the Legion of Light and their war against Imperial Forces. They are confronted by a platoon of Stormtroopers led by a deadly Imperial Inquisitor.


The Jedi disguise themselves as Stormtroopers and infiltrate an Imperial base in an attempt to find out what happened to the missing Jedi from Tython. They find a potential ally in a powerful Trandoshan prisoner and must risk it all to secure her release pitting their skills against a deadly dark Jedi who conceals his features behind a fierce mask and yet seems oddly familiar.


Jaden Windu, Galen Argyus and Cortree Tincove free the Jedi captives on Tython witnessing first hand the horrifying experiments being committed in the tradition of the long lost Infinite Empire. Could Palpatine’s Imperial remnant be in league with forces long thought lost to antiquity? If so can the galaxy withstand the melding of the two most ruthless empires in galactic history? A desperate battle breaks out between forces that many thought were long lost in a battle for the very soul of the ancient birthplace of the Jedi Order itself.


Gisaku Saberota leads the crew of the Crucible on a rescue mission to stop a runaway Chiss warship from its crash course into Coruscant’s sun. Can the general and his allies reach the Chiss ambassador on board while battling against the ship’s own automated security systems controlled by an elite team of saboteurs? A team that includes an ancient war droid of the The Infinite Empire.


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Index of Episodes

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Index of Episodes