Tag: Twi'lek


  • Mazer Val'Zian

    h5. High Concept: *Reformed Twi'Lek Jedi* Trouble: *Soul of a Scoundrel* Unlike a lot of twi'leks (at least in stereotype), Maze wasn't ever a slave. He grew up as part of a lage twi'lek family on a planet of little historical note, Mecatol Nova, …

  • Rilu Secura

    Rilu is a professional con artist that has plied her trade quite successfully for many years. She has mostly been an independent operator although there are some rumors that suggest she has recently been forced by unfortunate circumstances to work for a …

  • Sreb Rejo

    Sreb Rejo is a low level information broker working out of Sluis Van. He was freed from slavery by [[:galen-argyus | Galen Argyus]] during the Battle of Socorro and owes him his life.