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  • The Infinite Empire

    h5. "By definition, the Infinite Empire cannot "fall."" ―A Rakata monument [[File:528448 | class=media-item-align-right | 400px | SWFotJ_InfiniteEmpireLogo_Stone.png]]The Infinite Empire, the first known major galactic government, was founded and …

  • Ancient Wardroid

    [[:cortree-tincove | Cortree Tincove]] found this old war droid on [[:gisaku-saberota | Gisaku Saberota's]] derelict ship, the Crucible. No one really knew what it was doing onboard the ship or even what kind of droid it was. It was the only droid from …

  • Ecalia Rowan

    Little is known of this shadowy Dark Side warrior. She takes great pleasure in inflicting pain in others and has shown herself to be an accomplished infiltrator with nearly superhuman speed and reflexes.