Takar Markata

“The Mandalores of Legend first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.”
―Takar Markata―

High Concept: Markata Clan Leader
Trouble: Rigidly Honorable

Additional Aspects:

  • Feuding with Clan Jendri

Takar Markata has been Clan leader since his older brother Kel Markatta was disgraced and exiled for refusing the direct orders of the man who at the time was his commanding officer and would become the new Mandalor. The disgrace his brother brought to the clan was unforgivable and he has sworn to shoot him on sight if they ever meet again. Despite that he grudgingly admires his brother for taking a stand against Melkar Jedri because he views him as a selfish madman who needs to be replaced as leader of Mandalore.

Takar Markata

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