Melkar Jendri

“We must be prepared to face our responsibilities and be willing to use force if necessary. If you are not with me then you will suffer the same fate as all my enemies.”
―Melkar Jendri

HIGH CONCEPT: Ambitious New Manda’lor
TROUBLE: Twisted, Cruel and Overconfident


  • Supreme Strategist
  • By Any Means Necessary
  • The Ultimate Warrior
  • Great (+4): Forceful
  • Good (+3): Clever, Flashy
  • Fair (+2): Quick
  • Average (+1): Cautious, Sneaky


Protection x2, Resilient x1, Demanding x1 (Repair Overcome +2), Aspect (Walking Arsenal), Harm x1, Focus x2 (Targeting), Exceptional (Jetpack), Demanding x2 (Requires a Flashy +4 Overcome roll to active Jetpack), Troubling (Illegal)

Mandalorian armor has an aspect called Walking Arsenal. If you are wearing the armor, you can invoke this aspect to bring to bear any weapon necessary to the situation, but you can also suffer a compel when on planets with strict weapons restrictions.

Made from the near indestructible metal beskar, Mandalorian armor is highly resistant to all types of damage. You gain Armor 2 against physical attacks while the armor is on. It can absorb a Mild -2 Consequence like “Damaged Chestpiece”. If the Consequence is taken then the armors other abilities will not work until it is repaired with the proper tools and facility with a Fair +2 Overcome roll.

Within the armored helmet lies a heads-up display that assists in tracking enemies in combat, granting a +2 bonus to Create Advantages related to tracking or targeting enemies on the battlefield.

The Jet Pack attached to the armor allows Mandalorians incredible flexibility on the battle field. They can jump from any zone on a battle field to any other as a free action if they make a Flashy Overcome Roll of +2.

Madnalorian Armor is illegal for civilian use in all systems, and is instantly recognized throughout the galaxy.



Malkar Jendri was raised by his brutal father to be the ultimate warrior. He has fought and trained his whole life to become Manda’lor and he will use his new power to conquer the galaxy as is his right. He is a cruel man who delights in preying on those he sees as weak or corrupt. He is a master strategist and a charismatic leader managing to hide his true nature from his people.

Melkar Jendri

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