Master Ramia Arsuf

“With the rediscovery of our homeworld, it is time to put an end to these competing politics. The Jedi Order must to return to the way it was…”
―Master Ramia Arsuf


Monastic Jedi Master

  • Leader of the Reconstructionists
  • Wisdom of The Ages, Visions of the Force
  • The Great Compromiser
  • Jedi are Keepers of The Peace, Not Soldiers or Hermits

Of the Jedi to have been born and raised on Tython, Master Ramia Arsuf has emerged as the voice of moderation between the competing Jedi Factions. Unlike most of her brethren, Master Arsuf seeks not to change the Jedi Order, but return back to how it was during the height of the Old Republic. Her rationale being both that model was stable and that it might be the only middle ground that may satisfy the Order and the rest of the Galaxy.

Master Arsuf traces her Jedi tradition to Gelom Xalek, a Jedi Master handpicked to revive Tython because of his wisdom. Xalek became famous as one of the members of the Jedi Order to not take part in the Clone Wars.

Also unlike most of the other Tythoni Jedi, Master Arsuf has taken to Galactic Politics like a duck to water.

Master Ramia Arsuf

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