Commander Piter Gorlan

“Think of me as a black hole. No matter what, you are mine. You will give me everything…”
-Commander Piter Gorlan

High Concept: “Stylishly-Dressed” ESPO Commander

Additional Aspects:

  • Already Bought and Paid For by Gul Shyssa
  • Nothing Escapes My Grip
  • There is No Such Thing as “Excessive”


  • Good +3:
  • Fair + 2:
  • Average +1:
  • Mediocre +0:


ESPO STRIKE TEAM (16 members) (-3 Refresh)

Professional, Resilient, Sturdy, Numerous x4, Demanding x2

APPROACHES: (+4 skill bonus when working with PC)

  • Average (+1): Forceful

Stress & Consequences: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mild -2:

A full combat squad of Espos. They are not well known for their discipline or skill. Just their brutality. It takes a full action to activate them and a Clever Overcome Action at +2 difficulty to get them to deploy properly.


Commander Piter Gorlan and his ESPO squads always seem to show up when you want them least.

Gorlan and his forces know their work and do it with great enthusiasm.

Commander Piter Gorlan

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